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August 4, 2015
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October 29, 2015

How to Stress Less at Work

You know the feeling—it starts creeping up on you in the morning. Your shoulders tense up and your breathing tightens as you start to think in circles about all the work that you need to get done today. How are you going to finish anything? By 5 o’clock, you feel burned out by stress, and upset about the work you didn’t get done. The next day, it starts over again. How do you beat this cycle?

At Main Suites, LLC, we understand that work can be stressful, which is why we try to make our offices for rent in Ocean County as low-maintenance as possible for tenants. However, many of our tenants still struggle with work-related stress. Here are a few things to keep in mind for a more peaceful and productive workday.

Stop Believing You Have to Be Perfect

Trying for perfect is one thing. Beating yourself up for not getting there is another. This is the first step to beating stress. By acknowledging that you are human, and therefore have mental and physical limits, you can gain perspective on how stress really affects you and bring the cycle to a halt.

Make Time for Your Mind and Body

“But I don’t have time to exercise!” or “Meditation is for people with too much free time!” are common responses to the suggestion that you alleviate stress with self-care. And maybe it’s true that you don’t, at the moment, have enough time. But who is in control of your time? Do you really have to work the ten or twenty extra hours a week, or are you putting the onus on yourself?

Start making time for exercise and meditation. You can start small, too—trying exercising once more per week and stick to it, for example. You will most likely find that you get more done at the office and spend less time worrying about finishing it up at home.

Learn to Act Instead of React

Stress is a reaction: you see the stressor and immediately react by getting stressed out, whether it takes the form of cyclical worry or lashing out at co-workers. The next time you encounter a stressful situation—your boss snapping at you, for example, or a last-minute workload—don’t react right away. Take a deep breath and ask yourself, what can you do right now? Once you decide, go do it. This will take practice at first, but soon you’ll find yourself detaching in a healthy way and handling situations calmly. Five o’clock will feel much different.


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